20 Tools Every Homeowner Needs

Here below is just a simple overview (intended to help the consumer who’s not an HVAC pro!)

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First things first, you’ll require a place to put all your tools. Owning a home in Andover is a significant accomplishment and must be celebrated. However, as any homeowner immediately finds out, you are responsible for the maintenance and general upkeep.

Think about purchasing an excellent arsenal with sufficient room to save more devices as your collection expands. Bring your toolbox, assuming it is portable, so you can choose your workshop together with you while you make minor repairs around your Andover home.

A fantastic screwdriver set is going to be the essential thing in your arsenal, palms down. The door latch screws, socket plate screws, and just about every other screw in your house will eventually loosen. As you’ll use this tool the most, go for quality here. We recommend buying a ratchet screwdriver with interchangeable bits.


Almost as important as using a headset is possessing a claw hammer. It’s the most common sort of hammer and the ideal instrument to drive nails into wood surfaces. As you eventually want to move toward buying a wrench set with fixed sizes, an adjustable wrench will come in handy when attempting to tighten bolts and nuts around your house nearby Andover, MA. Also known as a c-wrench, it’s flexible and lets you modify its size to fit the connection you are attempting to tighten. A fantastic utility knife will come in handy in many different circumstances. Whether trimming carpet opening boxes, cutting wallpaper, or borders, purchase a utility knife to have an all-purpose tool for cutting. But we recommend buying a utility knife with a replaceable blade that permits you to always work with a sharp sword without sharpening it.

Allen Wrench / Hex Key

Furniture and a great deal of assemble-it-yourself things come packed with screws that have hexagonal sockets. A strap wrench is the perfect gripping tool for most situations where a socket won’t work, such as knobs, pipes, etc..

Power Drill with Bit Set

A power drill is vital for winding screws and producing round holes. It’s a crucial tool for mounting items to the wall like curtain shelves and cabinets. A power drill can help mix paint, sanding curved surfaces, and double as an angle grinder to grind metal and remove rust.

Tape Measure

It helps measure quantities for substances, measure the dimensions of an item, and gauge the distance between objects. Before you move a sofa to another room, take a quick measurement throughout the room opening.


A flashlight is a battery-powered, portable electrical light that can allow you to see at close distances and is also vital if the power were to go out.


A degree is a tool utilized to set up an even flat plane used when building a pool table, installing curtain rods, and hanging pictures. A 2-foot or briefer level will suffice. Sometimes you’ll need access to your power socket where one doesn’t exist. Buy a few long extension cords so that your home’s outlet placement will not restrict you. We recommend purchasing one extension cord that is at least 50 feet.

The three types of tape You’re looking for are:

  • Duct Tape
  • Plumber Tape
  • Electrical Tape

Duct tape has many different uses may also be used to patch a hose or applied to the base of table bottoms to protect your hardwood floors. The benefits are virtually endless, and hunting”DIY Projects using Duct Tape” yields crafts and projects you wouldn’t believe were possible with duct tape.

Plumber tape is employed to pipe threads and is used to seal pipes together to prevent air or water from coming out to repair a leaky pipe under the sink or repair air compressor parts.

The electrical tape is quite durable and comes in a variety of colors. Also known as a cable tie, a zip tie is a fastener used to hold things together. Zip ties arrange the cables behind your tv stand or to attach flowers in your garden to stakes. Like duct tape, many useful household projects involve using zip ties. Many homeowners use zip ties to fasten together cabinet doors under the sink so toddlers cannot access the damaging chemicals stored there.


You also want to make sure to have a pair of shovels for house maintenance. A snow shovel will prove beneficial for shoveling snow from the driveway. A round nose shovel can come in handy when working on your backyard or doing lawn work.

Leaf Rake

If leaves aren’t – removed, the bud will eventually die and left with the more massive job of dethatching and reseeding your lawn. A leaf rake can allow you to keep the leaves off the property to reduce damage over the fall and winter months.

Paint Brush

You will have to do a few touch-ups here and there on the walls. Since you’ve previously purchased a putty knife and repaired the damaged area, buy a paintbrush, so it’s possible to touch up the paint.


A ladder can help you achieve higher areas around the house. If you change the lightbulbs or paint the ceiling in the bedroom, then a ladder is a lot safer than standing on a seat. Questions? We’re here for you, seven days a week.


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