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We know that you’ve got many selections for an air conditioning repair contractor in Boston. Being confronted with stiff competition, what’s it sets US apart and what makes us a different type of Heating and air conditioning contractor in Boston? It’s really about quality, not volume. While it’s true that we are not the largest A/C repair agency in Boston. We also know that you’ve got many, many selections. That ‘therefore why we decided to build our business on quality and client support. We’d love to pass that service to you.

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Whenever you phone us at DR PLUMBER, we’ll respond immediately. We know that all the time, you’ll call when your A/C device is needing repair- and it typically needs repaired quickly. That ‘thereforeis why we are extra very sensitive and attentive to your needs. At DR PLUMBER once you telephone us, we’ll quickly send a NATE certified technician to quickly and correctly diagnose your Boston Air Conditioning Repair problem. As soon as they arrive at your home or place of business, they’ll ask questions and gather info to perform a comprehensive and accurate diagnostic. We’ll assist to teach and clarify precisely what the matter is, and what it might take to fix it. As you can tell here from our excellent reviews on Home Advisor, Yelp, and Google maps we’ve earned some very happy clients.

Therefore, if your Boston Air Conditioning Unit is acting up and you Want to figure out what’s going on, give us a Call – 617-797-3154


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Whether your Boston furnace is totally new or in as bad a shape, it is going to require a life time of upkeep and maintenance to keep it functioning, both as well as it can and for as long as it can. We at DR PLUMBER HEATING AND COOLING in Boston ought to make sure your furnace stays running smooth, so you could remain comfortable without worrying or have the hassle of a busted down furnace. Some of the furnace repair services we offer at DR Plumber to ensure you stay comfortable and that your furnace lasts as long as possible without having to replace it include:

1) Code Compliance of existing systems that have been installed improperly

2) Carbon Monoxide Testing

3) High Performance Equipment Installs

4) Upgraded Filtration Systems

5) 16 Point Yearly Inspections to ensure proper operation as well as safe operation

Carbon Monoxide poisoning can mimic flu symptoms like light headedness, headaches, weakness, and vomiting. One the things we do as part of your autumn “checkup” is a carbon monoxide test. This will pick up any present leaks in the heat exchanger found inside your furnace.

Contact us today and we’ll get one of our certified and accredited technicians out to your Boston home or place of business, so you could stay warm in the winter months and safe from any issues all year long.


“WHY SHOULD I CHOOSE DR PLUMBER HVAC HEATING AND COOLING TO INSTALL MY NEW Boston Massachusetts Heating and air conditioning EQUIPMENT ? You’re choosing the best air conditioning contractor in Andover and Boston MA. and one who cares about their reputation which we care a Great Deal about your opinion of the solutions:

a) A licensed MA PLUMBING HVAC contractor who will stands by our work with the best guarantees in the area.

b) The best Heating and air conditioning products available like American Standard (ranked. 1 for authenticity by Consumer Reports 2013-2016). We can install any brand you prefer, but why not go with the BEST.

c) You automatically become a member of our Program which ensures you don’t pay for diagnostics for the length of your 10 year guarantee

d) Our customers consistently get a 10 year part guarantee on fresh installs, a life time guarantee on workmanship and we also offer available 10 year labor guarantees.

Our staff’s dedication to the installation method is second to none.

1) We offer free quotes on replacement gear.

2) A guarantee on workmanship.

heating plumbing ac repair boston

You’ll never catch DR PLUMBER HVAC CONTRACTORS in Boston ‘therefore NATE certified technicians using the shortcuts which some contractors take just like not replacing the electric service disconnect, reusing the old sun-warped condensation lineup or trying to reuse the old equipment stand is both dangerous and the wrong way to conduct business. We don’t cut corners which is the reason we have a perfect record with the State Contractors Board.

We know that it’s a vital decision you’ve to make. We know that sometimes you may be second guessing who will be the “reliable” Boston contractor or who will be the “set-n-go” Contractor; you know the one who puts your apparatus on Thursday, but that you can’t get a hold of on Friday.


When searching for a heating and air conditioning contractor in Boston MA, you can’t go wrong with DR PLUMBER. Our general contractors and Boston HVAC technicians are educated, neat, professional, courteous, and honest. In addition, our superior client support and pricing can’t be compared.

Our list of services include:

1) 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services
2) Sewage Repair
3) Hot Water Heater Repair and Replacement
4) Toilet Repair
5) Drain Cleaning
6) Leak Detection
7) Under Slab Leak Repair
8) Water Line Repair
9) Water Softener Installation
10) Under Counter Leak Repair
11) Remodels
12) Sewage Cleaning
13) Vacuum Breaker
14) Water Heater Repair and Installation
15) Water Filtration Systems Installation and Repair
16) Sloan Flush Valves
17) Re-route water lines
18) Gas line Installation and Repair
19) Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair

Advantages of utilizing the Professionals at DR PLUMBER

Not only do we offer complete service and installations on all models and brands, there are a ton of other reasons why you must pick DR PLUMBER to your plumbing needs. A number of them contain:

a) We are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
b) We offer Senior and Military Discounts on parts
c) Our A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau
d) We are Backflow Certified


With over fifteen years’ experience in controlling your pressures large-scale heating and air conditioning jobs which vary from multi-story towers to custom homes, it’s no wonder we get lots of calls for our commercial repair and replacement services. At DR PLUMBER commercial division, we may design and construct complete large-scale heating and air conditioning systems. Including all the duct fabrication, and whole systems installation. Our technicians are OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 compliant which suggests we take safety seriously. Our mechanics are certified in Massachusetts and we employ value technology methods to save you money.

heating plumbing ac repair boston

Not only can we put in your heating and air conditioning system, but our trained and certified service technicians can service and repair any piece of equipment you’ve.

For restaurants, bars, and convenience stores, you’ve special needs and we understand that. Not only do you’ve heating and air conditioning units to keep your patrons comfortable in all seasons, however, you also have refrigeration systems to keep your beverages and food cold. At DR PLUMBER HVAC, we can service your heating and air conditioning and refrigeration systems. What this means to you as a business owner is that you’ve a single vendor that may look after all your heating and air conditioning and refrigeration needs.


What is a SEER rating?

Answer: A SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) is a score given to AC equipment to assist the consumer gauge the efficacy of the unit. How much it can help you depends upon how much you use your equipment. In case you’re the kind that sets their thermostat at 80-85 throughout the summer and never touch it then our suggestion will probably be that your requirements are low and the most cost-effective system for you will be a lower SEER rating.

Does my indoor air conditioner have to be replaced just because my outdoor A/C unit goes bad?

Answer: Not, If this is ever suggested to you as an essential thing, we suggest you thank the tech because of his time, and call out another corporation. The only exception to this rule is if your indoor unit will be saying an old model 10 SEER & you’re going up in your SEER score at your outdoor unit. Issues can start to happen whenever you mismatch ratings on equipment. We always advise that you try and fit the SEER ratings from inside to outside.

Why does my house have hot and cold spots?

Answer: There may be a lot of reasons why this is happening like ! Closed register blades may be blocking air to one room which makes it warmer than another. Solution is to open the dampers open. If this doesn’t work check for loose duct connections at the attic. In case you don’t locate any it’s time to call for an examination by a qualified technician. In case you’ve an old home insulation that wraps around the exterior of the duct could have been pulled off or weathered away from extreme age. Solution is to check to see if this is the case, and if so to have your insulation repaired. Improperly sized air conditioner ducts may even be the culprit. If you suspect this to be the case, it’s best to call out a professional Heating & Cooling company to confirm it. In some homes the design of the home may be the problem.

Occasionally an overzealous past homeowner might have remodeled without considering the various demands his brand-new layout would have on comfort cooling system. Here again, a skilled tech is your best choice. An inexpensive alternative to duct modifications and one we would suggest before you opt to do a major air conditioner duct/system overhaul is to install ceiling fans in your problem areas to help get the air circulating. This also might help decrease your power bill from the procedure.

If I add to the square footage of my house can I pull air from my existing AC duct line to supply air to the new rooms?

Answer: Occasionally. If you’re constructing a small room along with your air conditioning system had originally been designed at the highest end of your construction requirements, then there’s a chance that you won’t even need to upsize your ducts or equipment. If you plan on doing this yourself, we advise you still solicit a consultation on your endeavors viability to prevent longer term and larger problems in the future.

Should I replace my old mercury type thermostat with a digital or programmable thermostat?

Answer: Yes. The old-style thermostats can ruin a system’s efficiency. Digital thermostats in Boston are more accurate than their mercury relatives, and Programmable ones are better than them both. A programmable thermostat can be set to maintain different building temperatures depending on whether the building is occupied. This can save you a ton of money in unneeded energy expenditures.


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