COVID-19 & Your HVAC System Questions Answered

COVID-19 & Your HVAC system installed in Andover and Boston MA: Your Questions Answered

We all know you have concerns and questions about the COVID-19 virus and functioning / maintaining your HVAC system installed in Andover and Boston, MA. In this article, we’ll share the most accurate and up-to-date advice readily available to assist you in making decisions.

The fact is the COVID-19 catastrophe has developed so quickly that there’s been adequate time for scientific research to prove definitively whether the virus can be (or will be very likely to be) transmitted through an HVAC system installed in Andover and Boston, MA.

—a lot of the evidence does exist based on what’s known about similar viruses.

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Here’s a summary of what we could tell you with assurance at this time:

Can the virus be transmitted through HVAC ducts?

Experts state that AIRBORNE TRANSMISSION OF COVID-19 IS THEORETICALLY POSSIBLE, on account of the capability of small droplets of virus particles to stay airborne for hours under some conditions. Some particles can remain airborne long enough to go into an air supply system. However, experts think that the chance of transmission this way is small. There’s no definitive scientific conclusion about the likelihood of COVID-19 information via air distribution methods. Nevertheless, there are some possible reduction strategies that you could be reading.

For example:

Costs of high-efficiency filters maybe three times the price or much more

As stated by the National Air Filtration Association (NAFA): “For filters to have any impact on infectious disease transmission, the transmission has to happen through the airborne route, filters need to be correctly installed and maintained at appropriate systems to deal with recirculated air filters, and filters need for the building in which they used. More to the point, in the majority of buildings and most situations, filters might be considerably less effective than other infection control measures such as social distancing, isolation of famous cases, and hand-washing.”Bottom line: if you are considering adding high-efficiency filters, call us to discuss your situation.

Should we put in more efficient filters to stop the spread of the virus?

High-efficiency HVAC filters may capture modest particles (like viruses) and remove them in your area’s airflow. That is why some consider adding higher efficiency HVAC filters since they may reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. But they can’t remove the risk altogether. The issue is, the COVID-19 virus is so tiny. Some particles may pass through even the maximum performance filters.

Does UV technology kill the COVID-19 virus?

UV systems use ultraviolet (UV-C) mild to kill and interrogate microbes, including viruses that may penetrate filters and enter the HVAC system installed in Andover and Boston MAs. There are distinct types, including the upper atmosphere and surface-cleaning UV disinfection systems. It has not yet been verified to work on COVID-19. Bottom line: You will need to weigh the expense of installing HVAC UV products versus the possible advantage, which is not guaranteed.


It is essential to understand that these strategies have to be a part of a more comprehensive plan which involves preventing the primary means of COVID-19 transmission: person-to-person touch and contact with contaminated surfaces.

Should we consider other indoor air cleaning technology, such as ionizers?

These tiny components can be put within your air supply system just beyond the filters to ruin any particles that manage to penetrate your filters. There’s some evidence which ionizers can destroy coronavirus particles. Therefore it might be an option worth considering if your system can accommodate the equipment.


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