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Save on Energy Costs Using a New Heating & Air Conditioning System

An investment in a new furnace and air conditioning system is among the most crucial decisions you will make for your house. Advances in technology haven’t only given you the ability to improve your home’s indoor atmosphere, but also have addressed the requirement for conservation and energy savings through ultra high-efficiency heating and air-conditioning equipment.

At DR PLUMBER Home Heating & Cooling, we’ve reacted to these inventions by supplying heating and air conditioning systems that have revolutionized how we keep comfort in our houses.

How Our Process Works

A) Our focus is to marry the technologies in heating and air conditioning along with your needs and your budget. The first step is to schedule an in-home audit.
B) Quantify every space in your property.
C) Evaluate windows, windows, insulation, building leakage, and the house’s existing duct system.
D) Examine nagging hot spots and cold spots.
E) Explore any health concerns you or some member of your family has that may be addressed using a correctly chosen and accessorized system.

Equipment We Install

At DR PLUMBER, we comprise furnaces and air conditioning systems. A pioneer in the home comfort industry, the advanced product line of Trane provides some of the maximum efficiency air furnaces and air conditioners now. These include warm air furnaces up to 96.7% efficiency, and air conditioning equipment around 19 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating), in addition to silent relaxation, dependable performance, and affordability.

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If you live in Boston and are considering a replacement for your old heating system, you would be well advised to think about the most effective HVAC heating/cooling systems that are currently available. You should expect to cover more pay a Bit more to get a more efficient furnace. However, you will realize much larger energy cost savings over time – contemporary furnaces last for many years, and you can expect to save $1000’s over the long term! You’ll also have the ability to relish the fact that you do your bit to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions which are now recognized to be a major cause of global warming!

Condensing Furnace Technology – Now’s High-Efficiency Natural Gas Furnaces can provide your house with ideal heating comfort while using less energy than older furnaces. Modern High-Efficiency Natural Gas (or LP-Fired) Furnaces use Heat Exchangers to extract additional heat from the furnace exhaust gases. This causes condensation of water in the exhaust gases – therefore these furnaces are usually known as Condensing Furnaces.


The energy efficiency of All-natural gas that is modern Furnaces is measured by Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency or AFUE(measured in percent ). The higher the AFUE percentage, the more effective the furnace:

1) AFUE ratings 90% – 98%indicate that a High-Efficiency Gas Furnace.
2) AFUE ratings 80% – 89% signal that a Mid-Efficiency Gas Furnace.
3) AFUE ratings below 80% indicate that an older, relatively inefficient, furnace which costs more to
operate and generates more pollution.

Based upon the age of your existing furnace, It could typically be anywhere from 62%-95% effective. If your furnace is not a contemporary high-efficiency furnace, you’d be wise to replace it with a newer unit that will quickly yield very considerable cost savings.


An ENERGY STAR tag on a furnace signifies. The unit represents an excellent energy-wise option. Only furnaces that are unique in the region of energy efficiency (AFUE rating of 95% or even more for NY State) earn the ENERGY STAR label.

Significant Cost Savings

Thanks to its high tech layout, an Energy Star Rated natural gas furnace squeezes more heat from every heating dollar. For each dollar spent on energy, it produces 95+ cents worth of warmth, which might save you around 33% (95% AFUE – 62 percent AFUE) in energy and related energy costs. The high-efficiency of an Energy Star rated Furnace will also help insulate you from increasing energy rates. When purchasing a new furnace, pick the most effective unit your budget allows for. Once it’s installed, take care of it, and it will take good care of lowering your heating costs for a lengthy time. Heating & ac can help you calculate the savings that a high-efficiency furnace can bring you, based on your current system.

Energy-Saving Electronic Ignition

Did you know that digital ignition has Replaced the constant burning pilot light in natural gas furnaces? This technical advance saves energy by creating a safe and effective way of igniting the burner when the thermostat calls for heat, and also, it saves the hassle of having to visit the basement and re-light the pilot on a freezing day.

New Energy-Saving HVAC Technologies

Condensing Furnaces that set up 2-Stage Heating and Variable Speed Motors can yield even higher energy savings over the long-term, and signify a superior investment when purchasing a new HVAC system.

Programmable Thermostats

A modern Programmable Thermostat Offers you the ability to Automatically lower your home’s temperature several degrees as you’re out during the day and immediately as you’re sleeping. This small change will have no impact on your comfort but can save you $100’s over the long term. Programmable Thermostats are comparatively inexpensive to get and readily installed, telephone Adema to locate the Right Programmable Thermostat for the heating & cooling system.

Easy Maintenance For Peak Efficiency

When your furnace works at peak efficiency, It uses less energy and costs less to operate. Heating & AC can carry out an Annual Maintenance Check in your furnace and ac systems to ensure they are operating at peak efficiency.


Clean or replace the Air Filter on Your forced-air furnace every 1-2 weeks. A dirty air filter reduces airflow and leaves your furnace run longer to give generate the same quantity of heat. Permit for Unobstructed Airflow near your hot-air registers, return air grills, radiators, and baseboard heaters. Ensure your rugs, furniture, or curtains aren’t blocking your heating vents or cold air returns. Seal the seams of your furnace ducting with Aluminum foil tape, not duct tape!


When selecting a new furnace, then ask yourself these Questions:

1) Just how much time can you and your family spend inside your property?
2) Perhaps you have invested significantly in furniture, appliances, and other items that enhance your relaxation?
3) Then why would not you do the same thing with your heating equipment?
4) Although you can not see the air and temperature inside your house, you may feel it. It affects you daily.
5) A contemporary high-quality Furnace might offer optimum comfort inside your home, despite changing weather conditions outdoors.

The HVAC Experts at HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING can help you Pick the optimum furnace for your home, that will Maintain your comfort and can return on your investment by Significantly lowering your heating bills year after year after year…

Furnace Repair Boston FAQ

Just how much does it cost to have your furnace serviced?

When your furnace is not regularly serviced, it may function less efficiently. This increases your energy bills and also prevents your furnace from maintaining your home as hot as you would like. Maintain your furnace properly maintained with regular service. The national average furnace support cost is between a couple of hundred bucks or moreCompanies can offer tuneup specials that pay all the necessary testing, tightening, measuring, and cleaning to keep your equipment running at top efficiency. In case you have a newer method, furnace service costs may be covered by your warranty. Outside of guarantee, a basic tuneup might begin at $58 plus a more advanced maintenance cleaning could be over $120. Here are some hints that your furnace might require support:

1) The furnace has stopped functioning completely.
2) The fever cannot be regulated.
3) Rooms at home are either too hot or too cold.
4) The heated atmosphere coming out of the furnace smells like gas.
5) The thermostat is not working.
6) Strange noises are coming from the furnace.

How much will it cost me to replace my air conditioner?

If your AC system needs replacement, the federal average air conditioner installation prices vary from $3,930 to $5,670. Prices can vary greatly based on whether you are replacing a wall or wall unit or a central air system. A central air system is connected to ductwork that runs throughout your home and pumps chilled air to your various rooms via registers and vents. A central ac system is far more expensive than wall or window units. Choosing a central AC system that has a high seasonal energy-efficiency ratio (SEER) will likely lower both your carbon footprint along your utility bill. The type of AC system you select, where you live in the country, and the regional costs of HVAC work, home removal and replacement, and ductwork repairs that are needed are a few of the chief factors that impact the cost of new air conditioner installation. Below are a few examples of average prices for installing forced-air systems.

Who fixes furnaces?

If your furnace has to be repaired, you will want to obtain experienced heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) repair technician. Each state has its licensing requirements; some require all HVAC technicians to have an HVAC license, while others just require someone operating an HVAC service and installation firm with employees to hold a contractor’s license. Simplifies licensing, even while in Kansas there is no state regulatory body, and HVAC licensing can vary by region. For simple furnace repairs such as changing out a filter, a trustworthy handyman can probably handle the job, but a trained professional should be hired for tasks such as replacing a gas valve, even installing a new inducer fan engine, or other crucial furnace repair tasks that involve dealing with gas flows or other dangerous conditions.


“Due to the death of our AC unit (21yrs old) I was in a pickle to get it fixed fast with the NE heat and humidity ramping up. I logged onto Angie’s list and started my search and found a few repair services. Doctor’s Plumbers picked up the phone immediately and came out to diagnose the problem. They were out promptly, and unfortunately, the “patient” was terminal and needed to be fully replaced. Dr. Plumbers gave me a few options for equipment and to my surprise said that the work could be completed the same day. We agreed on a price and off to work they went. The AC condenser and Compressor units were replaced, and by7 pm everything was buttoned up and done. Fantastic job guys, I know it was a hot one, thanks again !”
Albert S.

“I had a new furnace installed, and all I have to say is the word satisfaction!! Doctor plumber and his staff were very professional and helpful in explaining to me how to use my new thermostat. Job well done. I would strongly recommend their service to my friends. Ivette anziani In 3 days, Chris managed to do what our contractor failed to do in 3 months. He did his utmost to get our A/C system working and working well. A great professional with a caring attitude toward his customers. We will hire him anytime we have a plumbing problem of any kind. Fully trustworthy.”
Gerard G

“It was a very good customer service it was patients and I was so happy when they replaced my heating and air conditioning system so good now my house is all clear instead of all dusty I tipped them get Chris and Freddy.”

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