Healthcare HVAC Quality Maintenance Reduces Risks

Healthcare HVAC: Quality Maintenance Reduces Risks for Homeowners

For center owners and managers at medical centers in Andover and Boston, healthcare HVAC repairs installations is a critical component to your patients’ health and welfare. That has always been true, but the COVID 19 crisis has raised the stakes. Air conditioning and heating breakdowns hassle most people. But HVAC breakdowns can have disastrous effects in medical buildings.

Let us take a look at the indicators of a poorly functioning health HVAC systems. We’ll then go over what you can do to stop and fix health care HVAC systems at hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, physical therapy, and health centers.

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When you proactively maintain your HVAC in a medical facility, you’re caring for your patients.

Healthcare HVAC equipment failures may shut down you

HVAC Preventive Maintenance in Andover, How to Get The Right One For The HVAC Infrastructure.

Healthcare HVAC equipment failure can make you close your construction or transfer patients to other facilities. Neither option is right for your reputation or bottom line.

Low working conditions impact patient care

Apart from bringing relaxation to your patients, an optimal healthcare HVAC system is essential for your employees’ health and service delivery. You don’t need massive numbers of staff members calling in sick or about the occupation unable to thoroughly attend to their duties.

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DR Plumber in Andover and Boston has the wisdom to offer you the ideal healthcare HVAC advice. We can help you minimize system risks, keep patient and worker comfort and security, and save you money through system functional efficiencies.



Regular HVAC filters can not remove viruses and germs from the air. HEPA filters can effectively trap damaging particles (like COVID) and can help prevent disease transmission. Please understand that there are downsides to using HEPA or other high-efficiency filters. They also reduce airflow that can cause lower performance and other issues with your system. You’ll want to consult with an HVAC expert to decide whether your system can adapt to increased efficiency filters.


Dirty coils problems result in less efficient cooling cycles. interfere with the transport of heat. Condenser coils caked in dirt-trap heat instead of releasing it. Dirty evaporator coils won’t efficiently absorb the heat. 


If your refrigerant amount is low, it likely means there is a leak. Loose cables and connections may induce your AC to drop-HVAC power.


By addressing these tiny issues, you can prevent equipment failures that harm patient care.


Malfunctioning thermostats can cycle air conditioning and heat on and off too frequently. Overflowing pans may mean that you get a clogged condensed drain, which must be -repaired to avoid HVAC system failure and damage to your building and its contents in Boston or Andover, MA.

The Dangers of low health HVAC

Healthcare HVAC breakdowns and poor performance are very severe issues. That is because patients’ lives could be in danger if temperatures and humidity deviate from safe levels. Also, pathogens that might be-transmitted through a ducted HVAC system installed in Andover or Boston are an additional risk.

High fever: a huge healthcare HVAC problem

High heat and humidity in Boston are unpleasant for healthy men and women. Yet these conditions are especially detrimental to people with respiratory problems. They also are harmful to people recuperating after surgery at a rehab center or nursing home.

If your center’s HVAC system is not controlling humidity, that’s a severe health hazard.

High fever promotes the spread of germs and viruses. Humidity levels, which are too low, also pose a risk since the COVID virus thrives under these conditions is a concern. But it is even more challenging at healthcare facilities where people frequently have compromised immune systems. When your immune system is down, it’s harder to combat infections.


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