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Our Newton Heating Repair, Installation & Replacement Services are the BEST… We will send one of our heating specialists out to your home to get your heating system working; So Hire the Best Heating, and Furnace Repair Contractors in West Newton, MA We are a locally owned Heating and Air Conditioning service repair contractor serving Newton for Decades, for this we’re:

Big enough to handle your emergency heating & cooling, plumbing, and electrical repair Newton.

The Best Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement in Newton, MA. Service and Repairs for Your Air Conditioning System. How Do You Know When You Need Air Conditioner Repair in Newton, MA ? Call DR PLUMBER Air Conditioning today for High Quality HVAC Services Including AC Repair, installation, and maintenance in Newton MA and Surrounding Areas. HVAC repair in Newton Boston – serving New England. We offer 24-hour air conditioning and heating repair, emergency HVAC, and affordable services. Small enough to give excellent Heat & service repair”customer relaxation”… you’ll never become a title on a job order!

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Dependable Heating Repair Services in Newton MA, And All the Boston Surrounding Areas

A trusted heating process is vital in our region. With no heater, winters at your house will be chilly during the day and uncomfortably cold during the night. Extreme changes in temperature mean your central heating system is put to the test once the temperature begins falling. While heaters are made tough, eventually, the wear and tear take a toll on your equipment. Thus, if you need heating repair services, the professionals in DR PLUMBERSAir Conditioning are waiting ready for your call.

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Do You Require Heater Repair Service?

Usually, your system will show some signs suggesting that it is going to the crackdown. These signs could contain:
1) Unusual noises
2) Tripped breakers
3) Reduced functionality
4) Odd smells
5) The heater is not functioning
6) Rooms in your home are chilly

If your furnace is showing any of these signs, you have to contact our support representatives at DR Plumbers Air Conditioning right away.

At DR Plumbers Air Conditioning, we supply an array of heating solutions. All our services are designed to help you deal with your heating emergency plus save you money in the procedure. Worn parts can harm furnaces and heat pumps by putting additional strain on compromised parts. When minor issues are left unrepaired, they turn into major expenses when your equipment fails. Our technicians will quickly find faulty components and finish required heating repairs to restore your equipment to optimal functionality.

The Heating Repair Procedure

We understand better than anybody how bothersome it is when your heating system fails in the middle of the winter season. You need to have a quick answer from a reliable HVAC firm when your heating system isn’t functioning correctly. We have a dedicated department of heating technicians that are always prepared to help you once you want your furnace repaired quickly. When you call for us for HVAC repair services, we’ll schedule an appointment that works with your hectic schedule.

Here are a few of the fixes we perform on heating equipment that arise during freezing winter temperatures:


1) Obstructions into the b-vent system.
2) Relay Issues.
3) Corrections to cracked heat exchangers.
4) Clearing filter clogs.
5) Repair poor ignition systems.
6) Fixing failed burners.


1) Fixing compressor failures.
2) We are repairing refrigeration leaks.
3) Clearing clogs in condensation drains.
4) We are repairing motor problems.

When you own a furnace, it is a great idea to have a carbon monoxide detector to present your additional family security. Serious health hazards are caused by a bad heat exchanger in your furnace that’s why we recommend a service visit before you turn on the heat. Throughout a fall tune-up, among our accredited and certified technicians will inspect, test, and calibrate your whole heating system to make sure it is performing with optimum efficiency and that your unit is safe to operate. Our technicians have experience fixing all brands of equipment. Plus, for critical situations, we provide 24/7 services.

The Very Best Heating Repair Services in Newton MA

Call the professionals at DR PLUMBER Sac today for whole central heater maintenance, repair, and installation solutions. One of our friendly agents will happily answer all your questions and schedule a certified representative to address all your heating needs.


I need help troubleshooting a problem with my equipment.

As your local Trane seller, DR PLUMBERS ac is the troubleshooting expert and is glad to assist you. Furthermore, Trane also gives a community of Licensed technicians in Trane Distribution centers across the country that DR PLUMBERS ac will utilize to address your concern. Should we encounter a situation that requires additional factory aid, we will contact our mill supported Service Manager(s) for aid.

What is the SEER Rating?

The SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) is the way the efficiency of your heating and cooling system is quantified. The SEER is the amount of cooling that your system will deliver per dollar spent on power, compared to other systems. For example, a 3-ton unit may have a SEER efficiency rating of 13, 14, or 15. The higher the SEER, the more effective the system is. The SEER rating of any unit can vary anywhere from 13 to 21.

What is the life expectancy of my unit?

Reputable Trane goods are among the longest lasting heating and cooling products available. For your particular gear, many variables influence life expectancy, including, of course, the significance of regular maintenance.

What does my warranty cover?

Under the typical factory warranty, Trane covers components that fail during the warranty period because of a defect from the area. The warranty does not cover labor. A guarantee certificate was included with your homeowner information packet, which is specific to the model numbers, serial numbers, and installation dates of your products. All Trane equipment we install is registered with Trane Corporation to ensure that your 10-year parts warranty. If you cannot locate your warranty certificate, DR PLUMBERS ac will also be able to supply you with that info. Having a DR Plumbers Air Conditioning Total Comfort Plan, you’ll have a ten-year part and labor guarantee in your own Trane equipment.

Which Trane equipment will best fit my Newton home?

Many factors influence the design and specifications of your system, including square footage, insulation window surface and configuration, geographic location of your house, duct construction and structure, and many others. DR Plumbers Air Conditioning can perform an in-home load evaluation to ascertain which gear combinations will perfectly suit your home and your family’s needs. Depending on the construction of your house, one (1) ton of air conditioning can trendy anywhere from 300 to 800 square feet of the home. The only means to ensure the size of the system you buy will be large enough to cool or heat your home, but not any bigger than you require, is to have your home’s heating and cooling demands evaluated by a licensed professional.

Which are the benefits of a programmable thermostat for my home in Newton?

Since they are digital, programmable thermostats are more accurate and efficient than thermostats that contain mercury. With programmable thermostats, you may control the temperature in your home at different times of day without ever touching your thermostat. Since everything is automatic, you won’t ever forget to change the setting on your own.

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