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High temperatures and extremely large moisture levels are normal for summer and spring in Boston. This makes it extremely important to ensure your air conditioning is blowing cold air effectively, cleaned correctly, and checked for any mistakes before these long hot days hit. It is always more stressful- and more expensive- to need to replace components or repair the unit than it’s to simply grab the problems early. That is why Doctor Plumbers offers Heating and air conditioning maintenance services for heating and after-hours emergency service for all those situations whenever you need us.

Among the primary repair calls, we get are for refrigerant leaks. In case your Heating and air conditioning system is low on refrigerant, it will run at a not as efficient pace which increases energy bills and the inability to maintain stay on top of hot weather.  Finally, the indoor system will begin to freeze, and only adding refrigerant into the system does NOT fix the problem once it’s gone this far. Doctor Plumbers can offer A/C repair to solve this problem, provide tune-ups to help keep it this way, or inform you if you need to replace the system with such a leak. This exact same model applies to all our repair calls. We would like your house to be as comfy as possible, so we provide comprehensive solutions that cover all aspects of your needs if you take a focus, a repair, or an air conditioner replacement out of us. It’s extremely important for us to give you choices so you may make an educated decision designed to better meet your situation.

Home Cooling

Stay COOL with Doctor Plumbers HVAC Throughout the humid and hot Boston Summers!

Here are a few things to look out for when your air conditioning system is not blowing cold air, without having to call the experts! Assess your breakers, make sure they’re still on. A breaker could reverse for many numerous reasons and isn't cause of. By flipping the breaker back on, the problem is usually solved right then! Assess your filters. By flipping the breaker back on, the problem is usually solved right each month, replacing them when required. Even though filter manufacturers say that the filters can last UP TO, 6-12 months, this may not be the case in your home. Pets, number of individuals at home, and the number of times the doors open daily house, and the number of times the doors open.

Maintenance Agreements to Your Home. Doctor Plumbers HVAC, Heating & Air With the Planned Maintenance Agreement, you’ll receive an in-depth cleaning, tune-up, and a safety check, along with MORE added benefits.

Factory-trained and Certified AC Repair Technicians

Doctor Plumbers HVAC, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Heating offers expert services at 20 percent cheap prices than common market rates. We don't subcontract our work out to other businesses. Our technicians are experienced, and business trained and are hired after conducting a thorough background check.

Home Cooling

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