How Long will Your Air Conditioner Last

Top factors to look at when choosing options for heating and air conditioner life expectancies


How Long will the best Air Conditioner Last?

You want things to last, Right? So, why should a heating and air conditioner life expectancy be any different? If you want to assess how long should an air conditioner & heating system installed should last because you’re facing a heating repair in Andover or Boston, MA, here’s another Helpful rule of thumb:

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When determining how long a heating furnace HVAC system should last, look at if your HVAC installer in Andover and Boston were known for top-notch dependability. Even though you don’t have to go out and get the most expensive Boston heating HVAC system installed in the market, it pays to research the reputation and Google ratings and what you intend to buy. Here is another little-known fact: the installation grade is as important as the equipment’s quality. If the installer is not an HVAC specialist, they may take shortcuts and make mistakes that shorten their equipment’s life span. So be sure also to research the installer’s reputation.

It Pays.

When debating how long air conditioning lasts, are you currently looking at the number of visits you have had from repair technicians? Are you nursing your unit through another year? Constant repair, especially of an old system, is a telltale indication that replacement could quite well be in order.

Wrong HVAC Sizing Can Cost You

Energy efficiency

Though you may not enjoy laying out a substantial amount of money for a brand new ac system, If you have an old heater or boiler furnace system, it certainly is not as effective as their electric ac systems. When looking into replacing or repair your old air conditioner, keep in mind that efficacy equals savings on electrical bills. Make up for a new system’s upfront costs quickly. Under federal Environmental Protection Agency regulations, Freon (R22 refrigerant) can no longer be produced or imported in the U.S. successful January 2020. Now the Freon phase-out is complete, only reclaimed R22 is available for repairs. Not surprisingly, the cost of the dwindling supply is very high.

Routine heating and air conditioning service

It cannot be under-emphasized that regular preventative maintenance will prolong the life span of the system. You may not have been precisely proactive with routine maintenance for a premature equipment replacement. However, if you’ve had your system serviced regularly, your plan may defy its era, and your air conditioner needs to last the full 15 to 20 years or even longer.

Just how long should an air purifier last?

Air conditioners in Andover and Boston, MA, should continue and survive 15 to 20 years as expected; our final decision is likely to break on dollars and cents (sense). The earlier guideline could be a significant help when weighing repair prices against heating replacement costs and digesting the cost mentioned previously. ROI from energy efficiency: Replace or Repair?


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