Types of HVAC Unit Systems What’s the Difference and What’s Right for You

As you start to search for a new platform, educate yourself by learning just a little bit about the types of AC units. Chances are, it’s been some time passed since you had to consider buying an air purifier, and there are modern ac choices that you may not know. Be mindful that some air conditioning installation CONTRACTORS in Andover and Boston won’t bother to tell you about the newer AC system types. If you don’t know any better, then you can miss out on the chance to find something which will work better for your requirements.

Here below is just a simple overview (intended to help the consumer who’s not an HVAC pro!)

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Best kinds of AC units and their applications (a summary )

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems

VRF systems Massachusetts will be the HVAC method of selection from Europe, Japan, China, and is becoming popular in the US within the past decade. Like older AC units located in suburban houses, VRF systems use refrigerant to cool the atmosphere via outside condenser units and indoor fan coil units. However, the similarity stops there. These systems have variable-speed compressors that operate only at the capacity needed for the present problems.

VRF systems can be equipped with individually-controlled zones to offer customized comfort throughout the area. And, VRF technology is capable of supplying not only heating but also heat, and even both simultaneously to different locations inside the room.

The benefits include:

  • Consistent cooling and superior, customized relaxation, even for huge distances
  • Tranquil operation
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Smaller components and Tiny pipes permit for higher ceilings in the living and working room
  • Longer life span due to a more efficient design that reduces wear parts


VAV distribution units in Massachusetts Using VAV technology can create customized, zoned air conditioning utilizing a water-cooled system. VAV systems’ benefits over constant-volume systems comprise townhouses, and apartment buildings where restaurants and retail stores in Massachusetts. Some prominent buildings near Boston high-rises have water-cooled base HVAC systems that serve the whole construction. Chilled water pumps from a big chiller unit for the entire building (probably found in the basement or crawl space ) through pipes to a central fan coil units for each apartment or commercial space in the building.

  • More exact temperature control
  • reduced compressor wear
  • reduced energy intake by method fans
  • less fan noise
  • added passive dehumidification


HVAC rooftop unit

They could only cool a single room (and sometimes need more than one unit for a prominent place). (known as an RTU or packaged unit) provides the heating, and the majority of them for big, single-story light commercial spaces.

An RTU is a single assembled HVAC unit installed in Andover and Boston that includes a condenser and an evaporator coil for heating, a heat source and a fan for forced air heating, and an opening for air intake. residential apartments and offices located in high tech buildings using a water-cooled foundation system

Split systems obtain their name because they have two major components: the compressor and condensing unit (air ducts to distribute chilled air by a central air handler into the area’s numerous areas. A ducted split system nearby Boston, MA, can cool a place up to 10,000 square feet—big-box shops, shopping centers, warehouses, and sometimes even restaurant kitchens.

Ducted split systems are somewhat quieter than some AC units in Andover, such as PTACs (explained below) but maybe louder than ductless systems installed near me in Boston, MA. However, they are usually better at eliminating humidity than ductless systems: suburban homes, apartments, or smaller commercial spaces using the outdoor room or a mechanical area.

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC)

PTAC units look just like window air conditioners installed in Andover through the drywall of this building. Some companies can provide heat in addition to air conditioning (you often find these in hotels).They are cooling for room additions, storage areas, computer rooms, or smaller spaces with no existing ductwork.

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