Why Get an HVAC Inspection Before AC Replacement

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Don’t wait; get an HVAC inspection today to make sure everything is in good working order.

An HVAC inspection entails testing the operation of your heating and AC system and assessing each of its components. The technician checks refrigerant levels, compressor and fan operation, electrical connections, and the state of parts. The concept is to determine anything that’s not functioning as it should and identify problems that could lead to a breakdown if not addressed.

An HVAC inspection could also be done to assess your equipment’s status when you are getting an estimate for a service agreement. Along with this inspection, a preventative HVAC maintenance visit involves carefully cleaning the machine (especially the coils and drain lines that could be clogged with debris), changing filters, and tightening electrical connections if needed.

If the HVAC inspection shows any damaged or worn HVAC parts, those components are substituted to avoid breakdowns. If replacement parts and labor aren’t included in the preventative maintenance service contract, there’ll be an extra charge for it. However, those minor fixes are generally affordable and far less than the total cost of the repair you’d need later if you wait for a breakdown to occur.

Additionally, an HVAC inspection is the first step toward executing HVAC strategies that could help prevent the spread of COVID in your space and improve overall indoor air quality in Andover.

HVAC inspection & HVAC maintenance: benefits for your business

Minimizing repair costs.

It’s more than the insurance policy protecting you against something that might or might not occur. There are real advantages that you will receive from keeping your equipment in peak operating condition. As we mentioned previously, the price of replacing failing parts is a lot less than the total cost of the fix you’ll want later if you neglect your machine.

It is preventing HVAC conditions that hurt your company.

If you own a retail business, restaurant, gym, or support company, inadequate comfort conditions may drive away customers and damage your bottom line. For example, you can replace a worn cable now (a minimal expense) or even replace your compressor (quite expensive!) Or, wash the coils today (minor expenditure), or await rust to cause cracks and holes that leak refrigerant. Then you will have to replace the coils (more expensive).

What happens when:

Your AC isn’t cooling or failing to eliminate humidity. You have fever inconsistencies: some regions are too hot while others are excessively cold. You own a breakdown and no AC in a heatwave!

In an office environment where you do not have clients seeing, having badly functioning air conditioning can harm you. It’s well documented that uncomfortable office workers are less productive.

You are reducing your electric bill.

When you look after your HVAC system with regular inspections and maintenance, your gear always works at peak efficiency. That means it operates to attain better cooling requirements. And, when it runs, it uses less power. Especially for a business with a bigger platform used 24/7 in the hot weather, the price savings can accumulate.

Industrial air conditioning equipment is designed to last 15 to 20 years under ideal conditions. However, if you neglect maintenance and inspections, that life span will be much shorter. Because of all of the harsh conditions your HVAC equipment is exposed to (such as those I mentioned at the beginning of the article), it needs regular cleaning and adjustments to keep it functioning well. Otherwise, chances are high; it will fail before its time.

How to get the best cost for an HVAC inspection and maintenance

When you receive a commercial HVAC service arrangement, you’ll find a specific number of frequent HVAC care visits for a year (how many visits is dependent upon your gear and usage). The contract must spell out precisely what will be performed at every stop, what is included in the purchase price, and what’s not contained. And, it should be written in clear language that you could understand!

Don’t wait; get an HVAC inspection today to make sure everything is in good working order. Even if your air conditioning system was in excellent condition and sound when you last used it, unexpected issues could occur when you start up your system after it’s been idle for weeks. That’s why an HVAC inspection is vital. Indoor elements collect dust and dirt, and outdoor ones are exposed to the weather and all kinds of air pollution. Build upon the components may result in corrosion as well as repainting leaks. Excessive moisture can lead to mold and mildew to develop. Electrical connections can become loose. Pests can make planters or holes in your ducts.

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